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Sept. 6  Divine Liturgy is at 9:30 a.m.
Please respond by NOON THURSDAY to Jane Reynolds if you wish to attend this Sunday. We have room for more people so please take this opportunity for worship.  Also state how many in your household will be sitting together. You must live in the same house to sit together at liturgy.
IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM ME by Friday evening, you are good to attend.
Please observe all the sanitation and social distancing directives upon entering the church. Face masks
are required.
The Parish Council will devise a seating chart based on the number
of people who wish to attend. You will be ushered to your pew. Parish Council members will light all candles.
If you know anyone without email who needs to be aware of the services and wants to attend Divine Liturgy, please have them call or text Jane at 641-357-4421(landline) or 641-529-3797 (cell).
Jane Reynolds, for the Parish Council,


Liturgy will be at 9:30 a.m. Attendance may need to be limited. Several Covid-19 safety directives from the Metropolis are in effect until further notice.
A separate email will be sent out soon asking who wants to attend liturgy Aug. 2. The number may need to be limited due to social distancing directives. Please bear with the Parish Council as we work through this unprecedented time. All these precautions are being taken for your safety and the safety of other community members.
Please direct any and all questions to Kelli Sheehy, Parish Council president, (563) 424-0489 or
Signs have been posted throughout the church on health and safety measures. Please read and follow.
DIRECTIVES. Safety directives and other limitations follow. This is a lot to read through and embrace. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
MASKS. Everyone entering the church must wear a mask throughout the liturgy (Eucharist instructions are below.)
ENTER THE CHURCH by the southwest side door. LEAVE THE CHURCH by the west main door.
CANDLES. Parish Council members will light all candles for you. Tell the Parish Council member in the narthex what candles you want lit and where and put your money in the usual collection plate by the candle stand.
BE ON TIME. Please be on time. People who are late may be turned away due to safety directives.
VENERATION. No kissing of icons or the priest's hand.
NO SERVICE books or bulletins allowed.
PEW SEATING. Every other pew is roped off and cannot be used. Family members who live in the same household may sit together. All others must sit six feet apart from each other.
CHOIR. Stephanie Prohaski and Jane Reynolds will be the only people allowed in the choir loft at this time. Singing is one of the biggest spreaders of the virus so extra precautions are being taken for now. Other choir members and parishioners are encouraged to sing along from the pews.
ALTAR SERVERS: Only 1-2 for now. Lead altar server Shannon Hickman and Aaron Hickman are the only ones allowed.
EUCHARIST PROCEDURE (if you are not comfortable with taking the Eucharist at this time, please speak to Father Nichalas.)
The side aisles only are to be used (no going down the usual center aisle).
Pews will be dismissed one by one by a Parish Council member. Parishioners will go to the Eucharist via on the south side aisle with each person six feet apart.
REMOVE your mask. A Parish Council member will pump sanitizer into your hands. COMMUNE but do not touch or use the cloth. AFTER communing, a Parish Council member will offer you hand sanitizer. EXIT on the north side aisle and return to your pew with mask on. NO HOLY BREAD will be distributed after the Eucharist or following the service.
DISMISSAL.  At the end of liturgy, parishioners will be dismissed by rows, allowing six feet between people, exiting out the double doors.
PLEASE EXIT immediately through the west door. Any visiting must be done outside.
Parish Council members will members will sanitize the church after each service.
It has been a long journey to this time and we look forward to returning to some degree of normalcy in the life of our church.
In Christ’s love, your parish council,

Kelli Sheehy, president
Dale Snyder, vice president
Jane Reynolds, secretary
Nick Vlantes, treasurer

Morgan Bowman

John Pappas

Stephanie Prohaski

Kalliope Eaton

Nicholas Pappas